Lenten Series

We search for connection, meaning, and purpose in relationships and experiences that last. And in the midst of a pandemic we all could use a little miracle. Why? Because miracles remind us that there is something more to this life than simply going to work, paying the bills, or living with fear, doubt, and anxiety. Deep down, we desire anything that pulls us away from a routine that has grown old and stale. Our upcoming sermon series is called “Made for a Miracle” by Mike Slaughter. In this series we will explore this possibility of miracles. Revealing that each of us was made for a miracle and that we need to remember that the miracle business is not a passive one. Miracles come at a cost and require something of us. God calls us and has sent us into the lives of others for the purpose of healing, teaching, preaching, redeeming, and even restoring that which is broken, struggling, or suffering in the world that God loves.

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Made for a Miracle Promo

Made for a Miracle Week I

Made for a Miracle Week II

Make for a Miracle Week III